Since I used beading in some of my art quilts, it was a natural progression to branch out into beaded jewelery.  Each design is unique and takes on a life of its own as I work.  It is completely unplanned and the beads let me know what direction they want to take.

The beads are handsewn on individually then mounted on an aluminum cuff.  The aluminum allows you to adjust the size to fit your wrist.  The cuff is lined with suede, then a smooth rounded beaded finish completes the edge.

I find the stones in my travels and search out rock shops  wherever I can.  The beads are usually glass, pearl, stone, and Swarski crystals.  I also use beads and objects from vintage jewelry as accents in some pieces.

White, silver & grey beads with some pearls and crystals.

1.5" wide.


A terra cotta colored stone is the center of this beautiful gold and turquoise bracelet.

1.25" wide


A spectacular statement piece!  Molten glass center, glass, gold and turquoise beads  enhancing the colorings of a desert sunset.

1 3/4" wide


A stunning pendant with a lapis like stone in the center.  

1.5" x 2.5"


Crystal, navy and ice blue enhance the azure stone at the center of this beautiful bracelet.  It always gets comments.

1.5" wide


The heart of this man-made stone seems to be on fire.  The styling is remeiniscent of Egylptian pieces. Truly dramatic.



A casual piece to wear anywhere.  The bronze silk background shows through adding to the design.  The center is a vintage button and the red beads and transllucent butterscotch beads were also taken from vintage jewelry.