No curved piecing!  No football-shaped pieces to set in! Border it, band it, change the colors on the rings!

Make it as traditional as you want, or learn how to change it up into a whole new concept.  The flexibility and versatility of this block is surprising!

In this class we’ll change the process of the Double Wedding Ring, taking out all of the curved piecing that makes this block so challenging. By appliquéing the rings, we’ll be able to focus our energies on creativity.   

You can hand appliqué, machine appliqué, or fuse to create quilts ranging in size from a miniature to a wall-hanging to one for a king-sized bed.You will also learn how to prep all of the arcs so this is a great take-along project.

The wall-hanging with 4" rings can be made in a full-day class.  Instructions are also given to easily change the size of the rings from 4" to any size you want.

16" x 16" and up (or down).

Pattern required in class. $12.  Includes 3 full sized templates for 4", 6" or 8" squares, directions for changing the size of the rings, and 3 finishing techniques.  Good for all skill levels.


A Double Wedding Ring is surprisingly versatile.  

What happens if you make the rings different sizes, and don't join them?

How about adding some other elements?

Let's play with modernizing an old favorite.  Have fun and see what happens!

And with a white or solid background, it can easily be a modern quilt.

36" x 39"

Pattern required for class.  $12.  Contains full sized templates and directions for 3 different finishing techniques.

Good for all skill levels.


Using a pieced background or a beautiful piece of hand-dyed fabric, create a joyful design where you can almost hear the music.  The black pieces are fused on to make this a piece you can finish in class.

16" x 21"

Pattern required for class. $12. Contains full sized templates and directions for 3 different finishing techniques.  Good for all skill levels.



ROUND ROBINS--a lecture to get your guild EXCITED!

Share your skills, your ideas, creativity and part of yourselves with other quilting friends.  A Round Robin is an exciting way to challenge yourself to reach beyond the way you've always done things to find your creative muse.    It’s a wonderful learning experience, stretching the way you work and exploring new techniques and design paths.

This lecture and trunk show will explain the process:

What is a Round Robin?

How can you set up a group?

How do you eliminate Creative Stage Fright?

What are some Absolute Rules?  What are some "Let's decide together" rules?  What are some NO-NOs?  (but I've seen them done--and more than once.)

This is a chance to spread your creative wings and soar!

I love to help people find their creativity…to see that yes, they can be inspired.  My classes are designed to show how you can use the pattern as a starting point and if you want, change it up, move elements around, and add different colors to totally transform the look of your work.

Each class has a small trunk show where I bring examples to show how using different colorways and different fabrics can make a tremendous change in the look of your piece.  You will see how to use large-scale prints and ethnic fabrics in surprising ways to get stunning results.

What happens if I change the background color from light to dark, what if I make the elements different sizes, what if I leave off (or add) some elements to the design, what if I move them around from what the pattern calls for?   What if I make the background a rectangle instead of a square? 

Classes include samples and directions for various finishing techniques.  When do you want to use a facing rather than a traditional binding to enhance the quilt … here are 2 different ways to achieve that look.  What is an easy way to do a binding, all by machine? There is also a tutorial on fusing and a discussion of creativity and overcoming blocks.

Classes are designed so that most, if not all, of the top can be done in the class, depending on the student. 

Not your Momma's log cabin--but look closely and

you can see them.

     All classes are $500 for a full day.  

     Lecture & trunk show: $400.

     **1/2 day classes also available if you have time            constraints.



You buy a pattern then get the same colors the artist used in the cover photo. You always play it safe and “color in the lines”

But now you want to stretch your wings and fly, and  don’t know where to start, how to pick colors, where to get your ideas.

This lecture will answer all your questions.  It gives you a painless way to choose a color palette, exercises to get your creative juices flowing, and gives you a track to follow.

You’ll get an exciting look at how to use your customary “traditional” patterns with a new twist to turn them into more contemporary art quilts. 

Take a familiar pattern and change up the color, the layout, the shape and see what happens! See how using different fabrics can change the whole look—with examples of how bold, oversized prints and ethnic patterns can give you stunning results.  Just changing up the colors of an old favorite can turn it into an instant success. 

There is also a trunk show to give you tons of ideas and to show you what can happen!!

"We all loved hearing your lecture and seeing your stunning quilts - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ! Many of the Princesses commented about how inspired they were; and they immediately expressed their desire to participate in a Round Robin. We overheard one member say that "she thought your presentation was the best one we've ever had." YEAH, Karen ! And today at one of our quilt circles, the Princesses talked again about the information they gleaned and how they will apply it when they participate in a Round Robin."

from The Feather Princeses in Tampa, FL

"Your very enthusiastic presentation was the boost of inspiration and motivation we needed to think more about the Round Robin process and to implement the necessary steps to start a group. Thank you so much Karen for sharing your knowledge ane expertise, leading us in the right direction, and getting us started on the right path. We can hardly wait to see how our Round Robin groups develop in the future.

***see new pet/ people portrait class listed under the New Class tab.   Also Collage Butterfly


   You love your pet and want to make a quilted portrait of him.  Or a  photo of family or friends grabs you and screams "Make a quilt!"

How do you start?  What do you do?

This class is for you!  Learn to make the pattern from your own portrait.  Find how to select fabrics that will help you do the work.  And then how to sew it and quilt it.

       Groups:  $900 for the 2 day class.

Or for the first time, I am offering small classes at my studio (min 3, max 6) for $90 pp.   Get some friends together & plan a date.

My Monarch

Monarch butterflies are among the most easily recognized and colorful species.

Learn this collage technique for making your own stunning wallhanging.  12" x 17"

This is a  fun technique that can be learned by new quilters, or experienced ones looking to do more "painterly" pieces.  

Direction, tips and full-sized patern.

Pattern required for class.  $12.  Contains full-sized templates.  Pattern contains directions for 3 different finishing techniques.

Good for all skill levels.  Full day.