Here are some of the ladies from the Brandon Piecemakers Guild working on their Gershwin's Symphony wall-hangings.  We can usually get the top done during class.

Creative Quilters in Crystal River had fun playing with the Deconstructed Wedding Ring.  They added rings, moved them around, made it rectangular instead of square.  And by changing the colors, it went from beach scene to holiday to  modern.

In Jacksonville and Pensacola the traditional Double Wedding Ring got a make-over.  Different colors and different shapes changed it up.  It's a really versatile block--and so easy.

Congratulations to Anne Gillette from the Southwest Florida Quilter's Guild...she won a ribbon for St. Anthony's Prayer, which she began in a Gershwin's Music class.  I love how she did it in a vertical orientation instead of the standard horizontal...a whole new look.  It's great to see students make the quilt their own!!

Love how differently everyone interprets the pattern and uses color and placement to make it totally unique!